Dad surprised me with a cool green bike.
Was made for girls, but it was modified.
His buds at Bell in the welding shop
Had made a crossbar and it fucking rocked.
Off to Sophie’s and Mr. Ming’s
To buy them hockey cards
With hard gummy things.
Kingsdale Avenue crossing Willowdale;
Massive hockey games and Molson Golden Ale.
Every afternoon, weekends rain or shine,
I’d hit the jumps on that green machine ‘o mine.
Gumper Worsely and Stan Makita
Under the clothespeg taped to my speeder,
Like Bobby Orr and Normie Ullman.
Never fucked with Davie Keon.
Spent my quarters, spent my dimes
From giving that Fairlane five hundred a shine.
A couple of cards clamped just right
In the spokes made a greenie motorbike.
Bobby Hull, Phil Esposito,
Johnny Bucyk, Alex Delvecchio,
Roger Crozier and Rod Gilbert
All fell victim to those rumbling
Spokes down there.

Yeah, bitch.


from Kingdom of Splendour, released September 5, 2013
Lyrics by Sloth.


tags: rock Canada


all rights reserved


Sirlord Masterboss

Canadian post-blues group featuring members of The Illuminati, Brain Size 61 and Mellevon.

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