Poor Jerry. I dropped him in the drink today.
Fresh logs went swimming with his circuitry.

Damn! Right from my pants.
Damn! He never stood a chance.
Poor Jerry. Put him in a bag of rice.
Poor Jerry was my favourite device.

Sometimes, I forget and call him up again.
Sometimes, I confess, I can hear him ringing.

Poor Jerry. I dropped him in my drink I say.
Poor Jerry. He’s the second one I lost that way.

Jerry was my friend, and I spoke to him all the time.
Jerry, now he’s dead, hanging up on my fishing line.

Oh Jerry, with you, my days were merry;
Now I’m using the home line again.
Oh buddy, spent all that fucking money.
Guess I gotta work the weekends to ten.


from Kingdom of Splendour, released September 5, 2013
Lyrics by Jacob Zoff.


tags: rock Canada


all rights reserved


Sirlord Masterboss

Canadian post-blues group featuring members of The Illuminati, Brain Size 61 and Mellevon.

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